Twitter weekly updates for 2009-08-23

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

  • is discovering that the pain-free limit from one acupuncture session = a week trouver generique cialis. Not bad at all. Am going back today. But OWWW MY BLOODY BACK! #
  • .@stevedownes1973 Who wrote the “Chase is on for new Canaries boss” headline? NEVER use the word ‘Chase’ in the context of City! *shudders* #
  • “I demand a tumbler full of gin and a fainting couch” The Questionable Content webcomic goes briefly Victorian/steampunk #
  • A favour to ask: could you visit and tell me whether the site is up or not? Cheers. #
  • Thanks for help with owls’ site: visible in Cambridge, Devon, Manchester, Halifax, Ann Arbor and DC. Just not Cornwall, where they’re based. #
  • Love the photo here – the moment Sarah Fisher found her sponsors had bought her team a second race chassis: #
  • After several days working on databases and allied stuff, I’m now elbow-deep in datafeeds. The glamorous and exciting life I lead… #
  • The Lib Dems’ “Real Women” campaign. As featured by Perez Hilton, of all people. #
  • Datafeeds duly despatched, desperate Darley’s doomladen day deteriorates depressingly. #
  • (Kindly ignore the twitch of the finger that sent that last note out half-completed) #
  • Feeling rough – and haven’t done anything to deserve it *grump grump grump* #
  • Let’s say hypothetically you’re going to Emmanuel College Cambridge tonight at 7.30. Best transport method? Park & ride? Train & taxi? Car? #
  • Beloved Other Half’s interview with Paul Drayson, govt minister and Le Mans driver, is now online. Very proud of it! #
  • RT @Joe Newscorp use your photos without permission but plan to charge for reading their content, read #skypic for more! #
  • Dramatic re-enactment on Fox News of a bear in a garden: #

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