Waving not drowning (hopefully)

Tonight, at about 1am, we're heading up to my parents as a stop-over on the way to the Norfolk Broads tomorrow morning. We're spending three days in and around Horning on the boat, doing what we should have done from the beginning – having proper lessons.

The potential for high comedy – or low farce – is there every time we step on board Fair Breeze, which we are planning on doing at Noon tomorrow, and it's considerate of the yard to put up a webcam so that you can all see me fall comically into the river, or steer confidently into the path of a crusier full of boozed-up stag-weekenders who don't know that steam gives way to sail. I've already posted the link to the cam once, but here it is again: http://www.norfolk-broads.com/webcam.htm. In the unlikely event of anyone actually spotting us, I want to see screengrabs, okay?

Oh, and good luck to Keely and to , who are each only days away from giving birth…