We're all doomed, I tell you

On March 20th 2008 I'll be 40 – and the world will end.

That's not me being hyperbolic, or going off on one of my 'oh God I'm old' kicks, it's the literal truth according to an advert in yesterday's Independent.

The advert, which directs you to www.truebiblecode.com, explains in some detail how a United Nations Security Council decision on March 17th this year was predicted in the Book of Revelations. This apparaently builds towards the advertisers' theory that Satan's 6,000 year chokehold on the Earth ends on March 21st 2008. It reckons on that day: “Satan's system ends, marriage of the lamb. Entrance to First Abrahamic Covenant ends. Satan loses throne and kingdom and authority, but UN does not yet, it battles with the lamb during Armageddon.”

All of which happens the day after I turn 40. Cool, huh?

From this, you will deduce it was not the busiest of days. This post is therefore completely safe to be read over breakfast, and no chickens were harmed during the making of it.

What did we do yesterday? We visited a few bits of coast where we got rained on during our coast path walk last autumn. We got rained on again yesterday, in some of them. Fortunately, it was good old H2O and not fire and brimstone.

Have to say, when we're all swept up to Heaven in the rapture, I sincerely doubt that what we'll find will look anything like Coverack in the rain.