What goes around

So, here I am at the Independent's offices in Docklands, waiting for the first sports pages for tomorrow's paper to drop so that I can rip the stories out and put them on the site. Despite the website having moved to a different part of the building it's very much a case of deja vu from a couple of years back.

The last few days have been a bit on the busy side – lots of shuttling over to the Isle of Dogs, a 45 minute drive home in the middle of the night but a 1hr 45 drive in the evening when I'm going there – so there hasn't been time to do much else. There has been the occasional moment of snatched pleasure though, such as watching a DVD and eating microwaved popcorn with earlier today.

It's two days shy of the six months mark since I ceased work at the Royal Mail, and the money's finally run out – I've just today tipped into overdraft territory. On the plus side, the bank (bizarrely) gave me a £2,500 overdraft limit a couple of months ago, despite the lack of income, and I've agreed to four nights a week at the Indy for the next few months. So, although I might have a cashflow problem in the short term, I should be okay.

Today and on Monday I was phoned by the producers at 'Big Brother's Little Brother' asking me to be on the phone-in, after I left a voicemail last week that they didn't use. Evidently they think I can be trusted to ask something sensible in the face of Ahmania (Monday) or Team Handsome (today). Had to turn them down both times on account of work, but I get the impression they'll try me again – maybe I'll get to ask Jason a question next week after he's evicted on Friday.