What the public wants

The last 20 visits to the Journalspace version of this blog from Google used the following search terms (just so you know what the world is interested in…

23 Jan, Mon, 03:25:23: vinyl shirt little briton
23 Jan, Mon, 09:29:17: destruction doncaster dome (Does anyone know what this is? I get it lots, especially after Human League tours)
23 Jan, Mon, 10:20:17: oaten’s wife knew (Hope she did, fear she didn’t…)
23 Jan, Mon, 10:30:07: mark oaten latest
23 Jan, Mon, 12:17:08: mark oaten joke
23 Jan, Mon, 13:17:45: mark oaten jokes rent boy
23 Jan, Mon, 13:23:36: human league things dreams are made of (Top song!)
23 Jan, Mon, 13:46:04: mark oaten and wife bisexual (What? Both of them? Unlikely)
23 Jan, Mon, 14:15:31: Simon Hughes + rent boy (This was somebody in Parliament, according to the IP address. Shame on you)
23 Jan, Mon, 15:18:49: mark oaten joke
23 Jan, Mon, 15:19:39: And then
23 Jan, Mon, 15:25:44: mark oaten
23 Jan, Mon, 15:29:39: mark Oaten and rent boys
23 Jan, Mon, 16:46:04: “Mark Oaten” rent boys
23 Jan, Mon, 16:58:06: MARK OATEN
23 Jan, Mon, 18:02:04: mark oaten rent boy
23 Jan, Mon, 18:19:33: oaten guido (Fight to the finish, and I know who I’ll be cheering on)
23 Jan, Mon, 21:01:13: Mark Oaten wife
23 Jan, Mon, 21:41:03: football player loses finger (It’s a long story, it ends in tears and it happened in Switzerland. Don’t ask.)
23 Jan, Mon, 22:41:04: what has simon oaten been doing (Who the hell is Simon Oaten?)

Depressing, isn’t it?