Who benefits?

Have just been to possibly the most bizarre meeting I’ve attended in a very long time and because of my self-imposed commercial confidentiality rules (ie no journal entries that give away clients’ secrets or might lose me work) I can’t write about it in any sort of detail.

However, I will say that there’s something wrong with a meeting where any word is used 45 times by one person in their introductory remarks (a colleague counted). When that word is a bit of jargon like “benefits” used as a noun, there’s something doubly wrong. And that ‘doubly’ becomes ‘trebly’ when the first 20 minutes are taken up by the meeting leader having to argue with other people about how she wants to run the meeting and what she wants to happen in it, lose the argument, not actually realise she’s lost it, and carry on, and when the next 10 minutes are spent deciding that half the people there aren’t actually needed and sending them away.

I don’t know what happened after that – I was one of the people who left.

In other news, I am seriously considering investing in Justin Wilson. The rookie Formula One driver needs to raise funds fast and is signing away 10% of his income for the next 10 years (and almost all of his first million or two, if he ever makes that much) to people prepared to buy shares in him now. If he ends up a star there’s a decent amount of money to be made. If he breaks his neck in the Malaysian Grand Prix this weekend then the investment’s lost for good.

Me, I just like the idea of maybe getting VIP entry to the Minardi pitlane at Silverstone. Not that there’s any promise that’ll happen of course. But it bloody well ought to.