X marks the spot

Polling Portakabin

Well, I did my civic duty earlier this afternoon by voting, and I do genuinely find it exciting to go into a polling booth and put my crosses next to the candidates and parties. I love the sense of occasion, which is one of the reasons why I'm glad we didn't get the all-postal voting trials down here.

Our polling station used to be a disused unit in a parade of shops around the corner, but for the past few years all the units have been let (hurrah for the local economy) so the council brings a Portakabin along a few days before the election and drops it across the road from them. It looks shabby and run down and a little sordid as a means of exercising democratic freedom, but equally it says “we're determined to give you the chance to vote, whatever happens” in a way that a room in a school doesn't.

It was a little odd to fill in a ballot paper that didn't have my name on it for a change – I've got a bit used to it over the last few years. It was even odder to just stroll along at a spare moment rather than squeeze voting in during a mad rush of last minute campaigning and hustling.

I like being retired from active politics!


In other stuff, 's diagnosis of my blotches is looking more reliable than the doctor's as they seem to have peaked, the balcony is becoming overrun with rampant potato plants, and I have more or less given up on Big Brother this year dues to excessive silliness and a dearth of Kittens.