Yeah, yeah, call me sad, I don't mind…

In a quiet moment (or three) I was curious about how many of the different 'mood' choices I'd used in this journal. I figured there was maybe half a dozen I used most of the time. Boy, was I wrong.

So far (excluding whatever I put at the end of this post) I've used 72 different moods, including six not on the supplied list (very cold, still cold, nautical, childish, fragile and Machiavellian). Top came 'Amused', used 11 times, with 'tired' next on ten.

It's a bit depressing how often I seem to be either in a negative mood or just plain wiped out. But if you take the top half-dozen you actually get a pretty good summary of me on a day-to-day basis: tired, drained, rushed, frequently wondering why I'm awake or complaining about how cold I am, but usually able to laugh about it.

I don't suppose anyone else will have the patience to work out their lists, but I wouldn't half be interested in seeing what they were and what it said about them…

Anyway, here's mine:

11: Amused
10: Tired
7: Cold
6: Rushed
5: Drained, awake
4: Thoughtful, blah, calm
3: Working, nauseated, pissed off, crappy, angry
2: 22 different moods
1: 36 different moods