After the disaster that was yesterday afternoon and early evening, today is going a lot better. One of those days where lines of HTML practically dance into place on the page and links mysteriously home in on where you want them to link to despite being about three foot in length were you to print them out. (Of course now I've said that, everything will go wrong this afternoon. You watch.)

Made a desperate attempt to get to work earlier today, abandoning Lisa on the platform at the station and getting an earlier train. Inevitably, mine was delayed outside Waterloo and her train caught up. We met up again at Waterloo and carried on the journey together, me arriving at work exactly the same time as I would have done if I hadn't tried to be early… There are days when it feels like there's a rubber band or a bungee linking my spine to the front door of the flat, slowing me down and dragging me back. Today was a day like that.

Tonight's the Hounslow Liberal Democrats AGM… much is afoot.