Never would have thought it…

Strange to find that first thing in the morning is the part of the day when I have most time to update this thing. Me, with my famous hatred of mornings. Heh.

Yesterday went pretty good in the end. Usually when a day's going well you wait for life to throw you a curve ball part way through it and wreck everything, but that didn't happen. At least, not in most respects. As for the AGM, I was elected unopposed as next year's chair so that was good too.

Very moving moment at the AGM: the outgoing chair, Ray Fincher, was giving his report on the previous 12 months when he suddenly stopped… we all looked at him to see why and it was obvious he was on the edge of tears. Of course, he was about to report on the death of Jim Daly in September. Quickly, he collected himself, apologised and carried on to tell the stroy of when he first met Jim. Ray's not a man known for public displays of emotion and it was an upsetting, almost shocking, moment. Jim was ill for so long that you almost forgot about it and expected him to carry on forever.