A long, long way from anywhere else

I’m off work today for the first time since Christmas Eve and intend to stay in the warm with an endless supply of toast and tea (or possibly Green and Black’s hot chocolate) and look at webcams of cold, seemingly inhospitable places with a sense of relief at being here, not there.

Having said that, in truth I can’t look at somewhere in the Arctic or Antarctic without getting a strange urge to travel there – there’s something about the isolation that does it for me. But not today. Today I may go out for a bit, maybe visit the RHS gardens at Wisley, but that’s it. Toast for me, oh yes.

And while it’s browning, here’s some webcam links to be visiting. I leave it up to you whether you look in horror – or envy. I rather think that for me, it’s the latter…

Now, where did I put those travel brochures?

Nome, Alaska
Nome Visitor Center and Norton Sound

Longyearbyen, Svalbard(map)
Store Norske, LongyearbyenCollection of different cams

Nuuk, Greenland(map)
Greenland as seen by JJKArctiComm webdesign

Falkland Islands(map)
Horizon – Ross Rd and Stanley HarbourStanley Sports Association Christmas races cams

Australian Antarctic Division cam index page – four cams linked from here at different Antarctic bases

Tierra del Fuego
Ushuaia: cam from official site

I wanted one for Kerguelen, but it looks like I’m out of luck.

The southern ones look particularly tempting, as it’s summer there at the moment. Anyone who actually lives in any of these places, or has visited, do leave a comment.