A sound idea

I can’t imagine many people (or even any people) signing up for this, but you can now subscribe to podcasts of this blog using the Talkr button in the right-hand nav column, so long as you don’t mind hearing it in a robotic American monotone that bears no resemblance to my own Home Counties mumbling. You can also listen to any single post (the recent ones, anyway) by using the ‘listen here’ button on each post.

You can find out more about Talkr by following this link – I first saw it on Tom Reynold’s blog a while ago and it turns out to be extremely easy to set up and run with, producing results that are useful and comical in equal measures. You can also use it to get spoken versions of any other site that produces an RSS feed, even if the site owner isn’t signed up.

Part of me now wants to write posts with lots of rude words, or comments on American politics, for the fun of hearing the voice say “up your bum, President Bush”.

But that would be childish.

Edit: it seems you have to wait for your RSS feed to update when you make a new post, which makes sense I suppose. Unfortunately, that seems to take eight hours for me on Journalspace.