A year ago today…

Quite the most bizarre day of my life, when I got up at four in the morning, drove to a frost-covered wood, and dug up a prize worth £100,000.

I remember sitting at home looking at the Cube I’d dug up – shiny, silvery and as heavy as two house bricks – walking away to do other things with the evening, but having to return to it again and again to check it was real.

And of course, at that moment in time, no-one knew it had been found except us and to everyone else the game – the first and, as it turned out, only season of Perplex City – was still on.

Well, anyway, that was a year ago and it’s old news now for most folk.

For a few, though, it’s still interesting enough for the anniversary to be marked with a series of interviews.

The first to be published was with me, and you can read it – and others – here.