All the news that fits

Newspaper bills – the posters outside shops with snappy headlines – are supposed to intrigue you into buying the paper by giving you a taster of the story. They’re not supposed to leave you so doubled up with laughter that you decide it’s safer to pass them by and look the stories up later online.

Which is what these two bills, classics of their kind, did to me today. They are, if the photos don’t make it clear, on opposite sides of the same noticeboard – which surely counts as too much excitement in one place at one time.

Here are links to the stories, from the Bucks Free Press. One is a complicated tale of unsympathetic parking wardens, the other a jolly romp at a nightclub.

Jan’s fined £30 … for being 60 seconds late
One of the 37 Wycombe motorists incorrectly fined by disgraced parking attendants has slammed the way he was treated.
Jan Lada, 52, from Cressex, was given the fine in September for being just 60 seconds late getting back to his car.
Rugby player takes pole dance title
Five hopefuls shimmied their way through the bar final of a national pole dancing competition on Thursday night – although a male student bucked the trend by taking the crown.
Crowds packed out the dance floor of Butlers in Frogmoor to cheer on the finalists who had spun, slid and shook their way through four heats to reach the bar final of the annual Polecats competition.