As cold as a very cold thing

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Several days of sub-zero temperatures left Hitchin frosted over – no snow on the ground, but a white coating on plants, trees and derelict cobwebs that picked them out as if spray-canned.

By this morning it had gone, but yesterday when we went for a walk it was at its finest. The far-off Wymondley Wood posed on the horizon as if auditioning for a Christmas card, and the broad skies over the frozen Common gave a passing glimpse of the infinite.

Lovely. Buggeringly cold, but lovely with it.


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One response to “As cold as a very cold thing”:

  1. Rhianon Jameson Says:

    December 9th, 2010 at 12:54 am

    Great pictures!

    I love pictures of the cold. Heck, I don’t even mind being out in the cold. Just don’t make me shovel it or drive in it!

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