Bad start

On a bad day, breakfast is the highlight. No saying yet whether today will be good, bad or indifferent but breakfast already went wrong.

I poured out the last bowl of my favourite honey-coated cereal (YAY! for honey-coated breakfast products), dumped half a pint of milk on it, and scarfed the couple of first spoonfuls. At which point I discovered the milk was off. Closer inspection revealed the fridge had got turned down from 4 (pretty damn cold) to 1 (not really very cold at all).

Don't you just hate that?

Edit: Made it to the station just in time to have my train pull out under my nose – I could have touched the closed doors as it accelerated away. Not shaping up into a good day at all…

Further edit: The canteen had sold out of cheese on toast when I finally arrived and was down to its last, broken, slice of eggy bread.