Balance control

Today I am sitting VERY STILL INDEED and trying not to lean over. My ear's solidified, which is less offensive than when it was streaming but the downside of this is that my balance is shot and I feel permanently queasy. So far today I've only eaten two cream crackers – and that seems dangerously radical.

I've also watched the DVD of what I now think is my favourite movie of all time – Local Hero. It takes approximately five notes of Mark Knopfler's theme music to make my eyes brim with tears, but it's the funniest film you'll ever see in a very gentle, understated way.

In an attempt to take my mind off feeling ill, I've put together this list of five movies I reckon you ought to see if you haven't already, and never mind that some of them get slammed by IMDb reviewers:

  • Local Hero – IMDbAmazon
    Texan oil executive is sent to Scotland to buy up a little village and its beach so they can be demolished and replaced with a refinery. Instead he falls in love with the place. Meanwhile, the locals have fallen in love with the oil company's money.
  • Passport to Pimlico – IMDbAmazon
    The residents of a bombed-out working class area of post-war London discover that legally they are an independent country – but as “plucky little Burgundy” asserts its freedom, they realise they are at heart still English.
  • Leningrad Cowboys Go America – IMDbAmazon
    Siberia's worst rock and roll band try to make it big in the USA – hampered by a lack of talent, a dead guitarist frozen in a crate on the car roof, and homesickness for their tractors.
  • The Breakfast Club – IMDbAmazon
    The classic 80s teen movie. Five diverse high school kids are forced to share a Saturday detention. All they have in common is a mutual loathing of their teacher and a sense that their lives suck and their parents don't understand them.
  • Battleship Potemkin – IMDbAmazon
    The classic movie from the golden age of Soviet propaganda film-making in the 1920s. A naval mutiny is brutally crushed by the Czar's troops, who then turn on the people of Odessa. The film that taught cinematography to Hollywood.

Anyone got any views on any of them?