TMI warning

Oh my, do I feel crappy or what?

Had to go see the emergency doctor today – one of the NHS Direct clinics, very slick and efficient – cause the cold shifted lock, stock and barrel to my ear yesterday morning. By the early evening the pressure was agonising, so I tried a decongestant. The effect was dramatic – half an hour after I took it I felt a series of pains like needles being driven through my eardrum and started running round the flat howling, much to 's dismay. A crackling noise started echoing around my skull, followed by a sound like an out-of-tune radio. Alarmingly, could hear both noises from across the room. It wasn't long before blood-streaked gunk was running out of my ear as my sinus emptied itself.

This rather alarming state of affairs has been going on for over 24 hours now, but it wasn't until this afternoon, when I started feeling dizzy and throwing up, that we decided the joke had gone too far and sought help.

I've now got antibiotics for an ear infection, and when the gunk (which is no longer gory) has died down a bit I'll get myself checked out for a possible perforated ear drum. Right now I feel shaky and am having difficulty walking in a straight line.

So that's fun.