It was a weekend where things didn't work…

Well, okay, my car worked but since the plan was to abandon it at the garage where it's going to have its MOT and take the train home, it felt like it hadn't worked.

Lisa's car played will-it, won't-it with us all weekend before deciding it wouldn't.

I went to Heston to take more photos for the Lib Dem leaflet, and the car of the couple I was photographing ground to a halt as we drove to where we were going to take the picture.

Then the system broke down at Kew Gardens, where we ended the active part of the day. We, and about 25 other people including small children and a woman in a wheelchair, were trapped inside because of some overenthusiastic gate-locking.

Finally, we sat down to end the day by watching a DVD, the first since I bought the PS2, and I couldn't sort out the screen dimensions so everything looked stretched. We were watching Lord of the Rings and the distortions made the hobbits look the height of normal people and the One Ring look like the One Oval.

Sometimes I think mankind would have been better off if we'd never come down from the trees…