Chocolate emergency

Just conducted an experiment down at the vending machine. I had a bag of crisps and a cup of hot chocolate and sat near it to eat and drink… and wait. Because I'd paid for a bar of chocolate too, and deliberately left it in the machine to see what would happen when the next person came along. I wondered whether they'd take it, leave it, or ask me if it was mine.

The first person along was a woman in, maybe, her late 30s. She gave no sign of even seeing the chocolate (or me) and just took her snack and walked off, leaving the bar where it was.

Next was a flash-looking bloke in his 20s – the sort that wears purple ties with purple shirts. Didn't say a word. Just paid for his crisps and walked off… with the chocolate peeking out from his hand where he'd silently stashed it behind the crisps as he walked off with it. Didn't even glance in my direction, but looked a lot more self-conscious walking away from the machine than he had walking up to it. Git – hope he gets stomach ache.