Warning signs

I know this one… slowly but surely my back's been starting to play up over the last few days. On past form, if it continues like this, walking will be pretty difficult by the middle of next week. :o(

I found the firefighters poll: it's here. There's also another showing the Lib Dems homing in on the Tories. If we can manage to overtake them, even by a little, then it will start to snowball. Our biggest problem is always the credibility thing. If people believe we have a chance, they support us.

On which note, the Chiswick AGM went well last night. Elizabeth Mersom hosted it – the first time I've met her. Remarkable woman – 89 years young, still a regular leaflet deliverer, and just back that evening from some meeting or other in Islington that she appeared to have been running herself. The tone of the meeting was encouraging for the future – I think things will rapidly start to get moving there.

I see Professor Gunther von Hagens, the bloke who created the BodyWorlds exhibition – lots of preserved dead bodies displayed in poses, with basketballs and horses and so on – has come up with a new trick. He's planning a live autopsy before a ticket-paying audience – the organs will be passed round among them after being removed. Apparently he's not licenced to do it, and the art gallery where it's happening isn't licenced to be used, so Her Majesty's Inspector of Anatomy (love the job title) is threatening him with the police.

Is it just me? I know people loved BodyWorlds, but I think he must be sick in the head. He says death shouldn't be the exclusive preserve of experts and doctors, which is perfectly fair and true. But I say it also shouldn't be a sideshow, a vaudeville performance designed to titillate. And as for the audience… ghouls.

What next?