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  • Subtlety: best avoided when hungry

    An exchange with a sandwich vendor who didn’t quite get it.

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  • Knifage

    Off to hospital again yesterday (the Charing Cross, in Fulham Palace Road) for a check-up following my leg and elbow operations earlier this year.

  • Wordage

    If I type this really fast it may just sneak under the wire and count as a March post, thus keeping up my new average of a post a month in 2007. Pretty grim stuff, compared with the several a day I used to manage when writing this thing was fresh and new in late…

  • Perplexity

    So, well, yes, it's been a while since I last posted. Quite a bit's happened, actually.

  • Limping forwards

    When I fell on Friday I didn't hear the heavy, muffled sound, like a thick bar of chocolate being snapped in its wrapper, that heralded my broken foot of a few years ago.

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  • Loitering within tents

    Ever gluttons for punishment, we spent the weekend in a small tent on a hillside in Somerset. Friday night served up gale force winds, Saturday gave us thunderstorms, but the tent – a relic from my days in the Scouts and 25 years old if it's a day – was equal to all.

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  • Rebranding

    A while ago I got an email from San Francisco – a very small publisher planning a very low budget anthology had seen a brief snippet of my writing and wanted me to submit more for inclusion.

  • An anniversary of sorts

    Seven years ago from the day that's just ending I found myself suddenly and (somewhat) unexpectedly out of a job. A quick bit of spinning and I was self employed, freelance, my own boss. Haven't had a regular paycheque since, it's all been invoicing by the day. Haven't looked back, either – I heartily recommend…

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  • Here we go again

    So, we're back from holiday – have been for a week actually.

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  • Audit

    Have been doing some thinking, as follows…

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  • Hello world

    I suppose I ought to try and write in this again. November 2002, I set it up. It’d be a shame to let it fade away. Have been working a lot – full time, for the first time in ages. A bit in Islington, a bit in Oxford (horrible drive), and a bit near Wycombe.…

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  • This is not Phil talking

    There's a meme going round where you answer questions about your life using song titles from your favourite band. I don't usually do these things, but Beloved Other Half challenged me to complete it using the immortal words of Phil Oakey and the Human League, having done so herself using the songs of that gloomy…

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  • Golden boy

    I'm taking part in a discussion at the moment that asks people why they first joined the Lib Dems. I got so many good memories writing my answer that I thought I'd cross-post an expanded verion of it here. I chased a Liberal leafletter down the street as a schoolboy to say “can I help?”…

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  • My eventful day

    Today I: Went to work in Islington in a light drizzle Wrote 489 words on the Dublin fashion industry Had a rather pleasant vegan Thai buffet lunch Watched the trailers for 'V for Vendetta' online Discovered the probable reason for my persistent backaches and occasional trapped nerves is the previously-undiscovered fact that I have a…

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  • Yellow

    I long since learned that being beaten up turns you into a coward. I proved it again tonight: it's an unpleasant feeling that leaves you bitter and twisted up inside. It's, what? Six years since I was attacked on a train on the way back from a Susan Kramer for Mayor campaign rally. Something like…

  • Only in America

    You couldn't do this over here. Someone – probably those great defenders of children, the tabloid press – would call it a shopping catalogue for paedophiles. But over in Tampa, Florida, there's a project called the Heart Gallery that's making a real difference for kids with no families who are hoping for adoption. Briefly, amateur…

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  • Nightmare

    Ugh. It's 2am and I just woke from a bizarre nightmare in which Beloved Other Half, myself and dozens of others climbed up the wire fence that used to run alongside the access road to our flats in order to escape the floodwater surges from a tsunami that had run up the channel of the…

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  • Return

    Ah well. Back in London after a month away. Wonderful time in Cornwall, just managed to skirt the edges of all the bad weather (thanks to everyone who texted / emailed to ask if we were okay). Did have a powercut one night in a storm though. Was working in Islington yesterday so I had…

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  • Remember me?

    This journal began on 7th November 2002 on DeadJournal, where one version of it is still running. In order to keep track of friends, there are now also versions on LiveJournal and Journalspace. In due course I'll shift the whole thing over to my new site at So. Three years of doing this journaling…

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  • Gone

    Goodbye and Godspeed, Tony – see you on the other side. (Advice: don't tell Bertie about the grand you made until after he's got the first round in…)

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  • Sore

    One cup of coffee – just one – and it triggered a headache that I still can't shift. Not even one, in fact, because I didn't finish it.

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  • Snot

    Ill. Cold that had more or less gone has returned with vengeance. Working from home today. Life very strange at moment, and not all that good either.

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  • Mope

    I'm home. I wish I wasn't :o(

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  • Catch-up post

    Firstly, a public service announcement: From time to time I’ve had [intlink id=”confessions-of-a-part-time-cornerback” type=”page”]cause to mention[/intlink] that I’m a fan of the New Orleans Saints – don’t ask why, I’m not entirely sure myself. The Saints (true to form) made a slow start after Hurricane Katrina, with owner Tom Benson initially seeming to see it…

  • Total wellness

    The new era has begun. Or something. I'm just back from the gym after a three-quarter hour induction by a diminutive spiky-haired dry-slope skier, followed by a half-hour session on a variety of torture machines. I may have over-sold my general level of decrepitude to him, however, as the speed he set the running machine…

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  • Things I did today

    Today I: Nursed a migraine that began on Sunday and has been lurking ever since Bought an iPod Joined a health club The health club is a scary thing, but I'm sick of being an increasingly fat bastard. Yes, I know, I have some way to go before I get anything other than excessively round,…

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  • Too much metaphysics

    As a general rule, I like to waft gently through life in a pleasant sort of daze, without thinking too deeply about anything. I find this approach can generally be relied upon to reduce stress levels, although it was something of a disadvantage during my former career as a politician. Regular readers will know that…

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  • Deja vu-ish

    Well, here we go round the bloody Mulberry Bush again – after 18 months away, I'm back working at the Royal Mail this week. Admittedly, it's only part of the week – I'm in Islington again for two days – and it may only last a week or two, but still it's going to be…

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  • Out and about

    Have got two days' work in Islington, today and tomorrow, so I'm back on the Tube for the first time since the bombings began. Will be heading into Waterloo, then to Bank via the drain, then up the Northern to Angel. Right now, taking all things into consideration, my greatest fear is the one that…

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  • Lots of words

    A busy couple of weeks of work is now over – probably – as the project I was on seems to have collapsed, at least from our point of view. Such is life – at least most of it involved working at home for me, ideal in this weather. I'm not precious about my work,…

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  • Returned

    Home again now, having rushed back yesterday because of unpleasantness here at the ranch. We spent four nights under canvas on the edge of Exmoor, including a ferocious (and exhilarating) thunderstorm, and then two nights revisiting a B&B in Fowey, Cornwall. Pictures to follow…

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  • Toast

    You remember that bit at the end of the fifth season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, where the portal opens into the hell-dimension and there's these great flares of blue light and a whole load of eerie crackling noises and you think the world's about to end? That was our kitchen earlier this evening, that…

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  • I was paying attention, honest…

    I just woke up suddenly to the sound of a colleague saying loudly in my ear “coffee anyone?” All my workmates were grinning broadly at me.

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  • And… update

    Lisa, bless her, has managed to get the Spitfire going. No life in the Rover though. Still, we're halfway there.

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  • ick cubed

    Working from home today, still feeling like I have cotton wool between my ears instead of grey matter. Managed to do the round-up of education news from today's papers for teachers, but it was awful hard going – and I don't think the result ranks terribly highly among my writings…

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  • 2(ick)

    Been off work sick today. Raging cold, which also seemed to drag indigestion along for the ride. Feel seriously crappy. Ray of light: Lisa working from home, breaking away from the computer regularly to provide hugs or peppermint tea or both.

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  • Ick

    Gone down with a heavy cold in the last 12 hours. Feel really crappy and my nose is running faster than a doped-up Canadian sprinter. Still, you know what they say – if your nose runs and your feet smell you're obviously upside down.

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  • Cheated

    Everyone's back at work now, and the office is buzzing. Well, showing signs of life at least. People are picking up where they left off on December 23rd and asking each other how their break was, and I'm feeling cheated. It was my choice to work the 27th, 30th and 31st – I could have…

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  • Take this, that and the other

    So Mark Owen won Celebrity Big Brother… I'm kind of glad, although I wanted Anne or Sue to win at the start. When they first entered the house, it was like, here are five C-list celebrities and one person you'd forgotten ever existed… and that was Mark Owen. Once again, that little voice is nagging…

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  • Mr Brain is not in the building this morning

    Feeling really out of sorts today – sleepy (though I had a decent night last night), indigestion, headache… dunno why :o(

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  • Hmmm…

    —————————————————- We are pleased to present this report about your Atomz Search account and tips for customizing Atomz Search. In this report: — Search statistics for Andy Darley online —————————————————- YOUR SEARCH STATISTICS Your Top Searches: There were 1 searches for the week ending 11/23/02 for Andy Darley online at Here are the top…

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  • I'm curious…

    How many people spend their time bouncing around deadjournal by hitting the 'Random!' button again and again until they find something they think is worth reading? I know I do. So: if you're reading this, leave a message to say 'hello'…

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  • Warning signs

    I know this one… slowly but surely my back's been starting to play up over the last few days. On past form, if it continues like this, walking will be pretty difficult by the middle of next week. :o( I found the firefighters poll: it's here. There's also another showing the Lib Dems homing in…

  • :o(

    Don't you just hate insomnia?

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  • *sigh*

    I can't even begin to list how many more useful things I could be doing tomorrow than going to work. Getting back from the boat a day early meant I could spend today around the flat sorting out stuff that had been building up…

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  • And so to bed…

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :)

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  • A question

    What is this 'free time' of which you speak? Where might it be found?

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