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  • Our friends in the north

    Quite a weekend, that was – an extendible one, apart from anything else, as it spilled over into the surrounding days. Thursday evening saw us hit the gym hard. Strange things are happening to me as a result of this “working out” business – I have cheekbones again for one thing, although admittedly only faint…

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  • Changing room buttocks

    It was a bad buttock night tonight at the gym. There's an etiquette to men's changing rooms in England, quite different to the one I found when I was in Iceland. It may, thinking about it, have evolved from what you did at school when you were changing after games lessons and knew you'd get…

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  • Life lessons

    From observation tonight in the changing rooms at the club, I can give you this piece of advice: If you're a fat, dark-skinned man you really should think twice before wearing bright white y-fronts.

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  • Catch-up post

    Firstly, a public service announcement: From time to time I’ve had [intlink id=”confessions-of-a-part-time-cornerback” type=”page”]cause to mention[/intlink] that I’m a fan of the New Orleans Saints – don’t ask why, I’m not entirely sure myself. The Saints (true to form) made a slow start after Hurricane Katrina, with owner Tom Benson initially seeming to see it…

  • Total wellness

    The new era has begun. Or something. I'm just back from the gym after a three-quarter hour induction by a diminutive spiky-haired dry-slope skier, followed by a half-hour session on a variety of torture machines. I may have over-sold my general level of decrepitude to him, however, as the speed he set the running machine…

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  • Things I did today

    Today I: Nursed a migraine that began on Sunday and has been lurking ever since Bought an iPod Joined a health club The health club is a scary thing, but I'm sick of being an increasingly fat bastard. Yes, I know, I have some way to go before I get anything other than excessively round,…

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  • Narrow escape

    The gym's shut tonight for refurbishment, just when I brought my kit in for the first time in a fortnight… damn ;o)

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