Things I did today

Today I:

  • Nursed a migraine that began on Sunday and has been lurking ever since
  • Bought an iPod
  • Joined a health club

The health club is a scary thing, but I'm sick of being an increasingly fat bastard. Yes, I know, I have some way to go before I get anything other than excessively round, I'm not at the obese stage by a long way. I'm just a hell of a lot bigger than I want to be and it's getting worse. So on Tuesday I go have an assessment and sort out some kind of programme to go forward. I can't see myself using the squash courts or the golf course, but the gym's pretty state-of-the art and the spa looks fun – a sauna and all sorts of other stuff. The main thing is that I'll hopefully not have any motivation problems – it's so bloody expensive that with any luck that alone will get me going there even when I don't feel like it.