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4 Apr 2006: This is not Phil talking

There's a meme going round where you answer questions about your life using song titles from your favourite band. I don't usually do these things, but Beloved Other Half challenged me to complete it using the immortal words of Phil Oakey and the Human League, having done so herself using the songs of that gloomy […]

23 Dec 2005: Being Brilliant

Thinking back on the run-up to the Human League gig in Manchester earlier this month, it's fair to say I wasn't looking forward to it with quite the same enthusiasm as I had done the previous ones we'd been to. There was a lot of other stuff going on in our lives, we spent the […]

21 Dec 2005: Our friends in the north

Quite a weekend, that was – an extendible one, apart from anything else, as it spilled over into the surrounding days. Thursday evening saw us hit the gym hard. Strange things are happening to me as a result of this “working out” business – I have cheekbones again for one thing, although admittedly only faint […]

29 Nov 2004: The Sound of the Crowd

Last night was the Human League gig at the Reading Hexagon. Which is an unhappy thing, because now I’m remembering having been to it, instead of looking forward to going to it.

30 Sep 2004: TV, travel, good times

Right – I’m off tomorrow for a fortnight, initially tramping the byways of the South West Coast Path, then recovering in St Ives. No computer! But I will be staying in a guesthouse called Fraggle Rock. Here’s the itinerary: Day 1, Th Sept 30, Falmouth, The Grove Hotel, Day 2, Fr Oct 1, Portloe, […]

9 Aug 2004: Electro-pop

The rain struck at exactly 3am, just as I pulled up at a red traffic light in front of a silent, darkened Buckingham Palace. Circles of water appeared on the windscreen like fast-growing lichen-spots, and a couple who had been walking along, hand-in-hand, squealed and broke into a run.

4 Dec 2003: All I Ever Wanted

This is what I just posted on the Human League board ‘Secrets’ about last night’s gig:

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