Here we go again

Sunday, July 9th, 2006

So, we're back from holiday – have been for a week actually. We walked from Plymouth to Dartmouth, crossing a number of river estuaries by ferry and one by wading, but abandoned the last 20 miles or so because of the blazing heat and caught a steam train to Paignton where we played pitch and putt instead. We were on the platform of Torquay station waiting for a train home when the England / Portugal penalty shoot-out took place – and I was on the phone to Dad while he commentated with commendable restraint on the TV pictures for me.

Have been back at work for a week, which hasn't been terrifically easy, and have been trying to pick things up at the gym again – having come back from the walk with the flattest stomach I've had for two years (since the last one) I want to build on that, not slide back into unfitness.

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