Ah well. Back in London after a month away.

Wonderful time in Cornwall, just managed to skirt the edges of all the bad weather (thanks to everyone who texted / emailed to ask if we were okay). Did have a powercut one night in a storm though.

Was working in Islington yesterday so I had the whole commuting experience, lovely. It seems I've got a bit thin-skinned from all that time on a hilltop with no-one around but Beloved Other Half.

Driving to the other client today, near Wycombe, which should be easier. Then back to Islington tomorrow.

Managed 19,000 words in the novel-writing challenge I was attempting – nowhere near the 50k target but a pleasing amount anyway, especially as it took me to a natural break in the narrative. Beloved Other Half has done rather better – everyone go say 'well done' to her, okay?

How's everyone been while I was away, then?