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13 Oct 2005: Snot

Ill. Cold that had more or less gone has returned with vengeance. Working from home today. Life very strange at moment, and not all that good either.

8 Jan 2003: ick cubed

Working from home today, still feeling like I have cotton wool between my ears instead of grey matter. Managed to do the round-up of education news from today's papers for teachers, but it was awful hard going – and I don't think the result ranks terribly highly among my writings…

7 Jan 2003: 2(ick)

Been off work sick today. Raging cold, which also seemed to drag indigestion along for the ride. Feel seriously crappy. Ray of light: Lisa working from home, breaking away from the computer regularly to provide hugs or peppermint tea or both.

6 Jan 2003: Ick

Gone down with a heavy cold in the last 12 hours. Feel really crappy and my nose is running faster than a doped-up Canadian sprinter. Still, you know what they say – if your nose runs and your feet smell you're obviously upside down.

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