Lots of words

A busy couple of weeks of work is now over – probably – as the project I was on seems to have collapsed, at least from our point of view. Such is life – at least most of it involved working at home for me, ideal in this weather. I'm not precious about my work, I have no problem with two weeks' worth of writing being wasted so long as I get paid, but I would object if two weeks of commuting went the same way. Even without the bombs.

Plenty of loose ends to pick up on Monday, but until then work goes on hold as we're off on a midnight rendezvous tonight, one which might tie us up for much of the weekend.

Yeah, I admit it, we're joining the middle-of-the-night bookshop queue to pick up a copy of Half Blood Prince. Have to say though, we're not terrible excited about it. Actually, we're very ho-hummish at the moment and if Beloved Other Half hadn't paid for it months ago we probably wouldn't bother.

Dunno why – maybe the bubble's burst?