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  • Huhne overtakes Clegg – sort of

    Look – it’s close, OK? Too close for the difference to be meaningful. And it may not actually be good news for Huhne anyway. But there has been a small but measurable swing to him from Clegg in the attention they’re both receiving among bloggers.

  • Mr Smug, Mr Smarm and my naked ballot paper

    With time running out in the Lib Dem leadership election, I’ve finally thought of something that might make me vote – even though the one thing I’ve been certain of all along is that I don’t want either candidate in charge of my party.

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  • Golden boy

    I'm taking part in a discussion at the moment that asks people why they first joined the Lib Dems. I got so many good memories writing my answer that I thought I'd cross-post an expanded verion of it here. I chased a Liberal leafletter down the street as a schoolboy to say “can I help?”…

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  • Winners and losers

    With the result of the leadership election just hours away, it's time to look at the winners and losers from the campaign. Winners Chris Huhne Transforming himself from Who-ne? to the Huhnami, the Eastleigh MP won the campaign even if he doesn't turn out to have won the leadership. Where he was once just one…

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  • Coming from behind with a late surge

    I have finally allowed my name to be included on Ming Campbell's list of website supporters – somewhat late in the day, I admit, but it seemed the right time at last. Anyone who's been following this journal right through from when I stopped writing about buttocks, dead people, shopping trollies and the North Circular,…

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  • My crystal balls

    I believe that two things are going to happen in British politics over the next few years. Firstly, when Blair goes there will be a backlash against young, slick media-friendly politicians. Gravitas and dourness will be in, charm and twinkling smiles will be out. It's been brewing for years and it'll take just one spark…

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  • Green shoots

    Another Lib Dem AGM last night – this time the Brentford and Isleworth branch. They'd tempted Ed Davey MP down from the House of Commons to be the guest speaker. Brave man – he took the train, which to Isleworth is the sort of adventure that often ends in tears. You expect to find Marlon…

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