Counting the hours

Very late for work tonight, partly because of traffic, partly because of stopping for petrol and thereby becoming embroiled in the saga of giving directions to a thoroughly lost family, and partly by being reduced to tears by tonight's Doctor Who episode.

I finish at the Independent on Monday night and on the whole I'll be glad of it, because the hours are so disruptive and the speed cameras are always lying in wait during the drive there and back (one more ticket and I'm toast).

But there's a lot I'll miss, too, and right up there at the top of the list will be the writing, which is of a terrifically high standard in even the most obscure corners of the paper.

This is from a piece from tomorrow's paper by racing correspondent Sue Montgomery, describing a horse called Ratki, which won today:

The six-year-old has a mighty engine, but one governed by an unpredictable mind. For if Rakti was human, he would undoubtedly get banned from Bluewater; indeed, he wears a hood for stalls entry. His whole demeanour smacks of simmering aggression; he is as handy with his teeth as his front feet when it comes to making a point. He demands respect from those around him, and gets it, and trainer Michael Jarvis and rider Philip Robinson deserve every plaudit they get for their handling of this equine volcano.