Displeasing symmetry

I just went out to pick from the station and found another fire engine just pulling up by the park, a smell of smoke just wafting off it in the dusk.

So the day ends the way it began…

Just had this IM conversation:

EatTheMeekyummm: why would kids burn parks?
EatTheMeekyummm: here they just egg cars
Rand0m0ccurrence: Oh, they do cars too – but park season offers variety for them
EatTheMeekyummm: noone does that here… or at least they dont burn things
Rand0m0ccurrence: No car theft here is complete without torching it afterwards…
EatTheMeekyummm: hm, they don't just use the car parts?
Rand0m0ccurrence: Hell no, they're too young to own a car – you have to be 17 for that and they're usually 14 or 15
EatTheMeekyummm: wow
Rand0m0ccurrence: And they're too stupid to sell the parts for cash
EatTheMeekyummm: so they just do it because they can? I've now found soild proof that texas is better than england.

Says it all, really.