Same again with a side order of sameness

This morning when I left for work there were two fire engines in the centre of the park, putting out a fire in the trees at its centre.

I've had worse days at work, but it was awful hot. I spent almost the entire afternoon in a meeting in another company's offices. It was air conditioned. You could really feel the difference.

On the way home, the air con on the packed train broke down. You could really feel the difference there too, but not in a good way.

Walking home from the station, there were no fire engines in the park. This was a shame, as there was smoke drifting up from the trees.

So I phoned 999 and called one, just to make another symetrical day.

asked in a reply to a previous post why I lived here if it's such an awful place. Well, I guess the answer is that it won't stop being a horrible place just because I move away. I just won't see it any more. The people who can't move away will still be stuck with it, and if everyone who cares leaves, things will never change.

That was my motivation for being involved in local politics. One of my motivations, anyway. But in the end it wasn't enough for me, and I began to lose the urge for public service as I increasingly concluded that the public weren't worth serving.

So if you ask me the question now, I'm afraid I don't have a cogent answer…