Filling holes

I wanna go to bed…

But I can't.

One hour left on an E-bay auction for issue 3 of 2000ad – the only one I need to complete a collection that starts with Prog 1 from 1977 and runs through (switching from my ownership to 's somewhere in the early 1990s) to a couple of years ago with only the one gap.

Prog 3. I missed buying it at the newsagents by a day back in '77 and haven't been able to get it since. I've lost count of how many comic shop-owners have been looking for it for me. Never a sniff.

There's two copies on E-Bay at the moment. A mint one is currently at £102 and still hasn't met its reserve price. Silly money – not interested.

The other copy is missing a page. But then, so are quite a few of my old copies so that doesn't bother me. I'm highest bidder at £22.55.

We'll see.

But on a night when I'm actually tired, I need to stay awake. I'm filling the time by eating – I haven't been doing enough of that recently, to the extent that I almost fainted earlier this evening. Stood up too quick, sat down suddenly looking baffled with my head swimming. Retired to bed, where brought me hot, sweet tea and toasted muffins. Did the job nicely.

Today's big achievement, by the way, is finally sending live. We first wrote some of the content for it in 1997 and built the first prototype pages a year later. Now, however, it's a proper site at last. Content's bit skeletal – only 57 pages at the moment and some of them are currently hidden from the navigation, but we'll keep adding to it.

47 minutes left on the auction – still highest bidder. Time to make toast.

Edit: outbid by £1 with 14 seconds left… and my toast went cold.