The boy was back in town

Well, I'm back in town after an extended stay at my parents' – we'd only meant to stay overnight for a quick visit and to tape Wrestlemania but we ended up staying the extra day and night. Won't say much about Wrestlmania, as probably only Kat and Maff are interested, but it was a great moment seeing Benoit and Guerrero with their championship belts at the end. On the other hand, whoever thought the sight of Molly Holly strapped down and screaming while her head was shaved represented quality entertainment really needs to get help, fast.

Home was good – relaxed and unhurried – and Sarah was in fine form when I visited. Walking around town was odd, as it always is when you go back to somewhere you haven't been to for a while but used to know well. I saw one of my old teachers scurrying out of a cafe and just had time to blurt out “long time no see” as he disappeared. He looked over his shoulder, gave a big grin, said “it is, isn't it?” in a cheery voice, and was gone. Any other teacher and I'd have believed he remembered me. This one, John Gardiner, is a comic playwright who taught English and drama and is a fantasically talented improvisor. I'm quite sure he didn't have the faintest idea who I was – he just hid it well.

So now just a few days to get some bits and pieces out of the way and we go off to Cornwall. I don't think I said – on my birthday (the 20th), has arranged for us to have falconry lessons. I'm reasonable hopeful we'll leave with the same number of eyeballs we arrived with…