Flying high

Well, barring delays Mum and Dad are in mid-air now on their way out to their Golden Wedding anniversary holiday in Malta. I never thought when I booked it that there'd be a war on when they were flying. There's no reason why there should be a problem, but I'll still be glad when they phone to say they've arrived.

I just spoke to the hotel who confirmed they were expected and that there would be flowers in their room on their arrival – they do that for all anniversary couples. I also arranged for a couple of surprises in the restaurant on the night of the anniversary (I won't spell them out just in case Mum and Dad decide to look at this journal from the cybercafe in Valetta – yeah, I know it's not likely but you never know when Sod's Law will strike).

I know this is a bit extreme as anniversary presents go, but I just wanted to do it – and for once in my life I have the money, so why not? And anyway, they didn't have to pick me when they were looking for a child to adopt, they could have chosen a different one. So I think a lifetime of thanks are in order and this, frankly, is small beer when it comes to repaying that debt.