Triumphs, tribulations and potatoes.

The weekend was overshadowed by the anger at the end of it – the anger that fuelled my last post – but up until that point we’d had a really good couple of days.

For starters, having worked since November to clear the ground at the allotment, on Sunday we finally planted something. We dug a potato patch and planted a row of some variety of potato that I (inevitably) can’t remember the name of. The rest of the allotment still needs a tremendous amount of work before we can plant anything else but hell, there’s one thing gone in at least and that feels good.

We spent Saturday whizzing around the Cotswolds in a Triumph TR7 – my birthday treat from Lisa. Most people have a dream car that they’d love to own – I’m lucky enough to have mine, the [intlink id=”the-triumph-spitfire-disaster-section” type=”page”]Triumph Spitfire[/intlink]. But I always liked the looks of the TR7, even though when it was launched many people were appalled by it. So Lisa hired us one for the day from a company called Open Road. I like it – it’s easier to drive than the Spit and a lot more comfortable, and we had a lot of fun cruising around a part of the country we’d never seen before. Got home to find some idiot had parked so as to block the Spit into its parking space. There’s no way he could have done it by accident or failed to realise what he’d done, so I left a deeply sarcastic note under the windscreen wiper.

This morning the work is piling up with a tight deadline, so I really shouldn’t be here, that’s for sure.