Open letter to George W Bush

Dear Mr Bush,

I just thought I'd write you an open letter because I was wondering how many more Britons you were planning on killing in this war of yours.

You probably haven't heard of Norfolk – not the one in Virginia, I mean the English county I spent seven years living in, the one that's absolutely riddled with air bases. One of them (one of the few that hasn't closed in recent years) is RAF Marham. That's somewhere you might have heard of, quite recently, in a briefing. At least, I hope you have. A Tornado jet based out of Marham has just been shot down by an American Patriot missile. The two crew members are currently listed as missing in action. Nice one Dubya.

Tomorrow my Beloved Other Half Lisa will go into work. It won't be much fun there – US Marines have just killed one of her colleagues, reporter Terry Lloyd. He was doing his job near Basra and Marine Corp tanks fired on his vehicle, destroying it. The cameraman made it back to Coalition lines to describe what happened. Lloyd's body is reported to be in a Basra hospital. He was 50, had two children, and was the reporter who first told the world about the evil of Saddam when he reported on gas attacks against Kurdish civilians in 1988 – which did him precisely no good at all today when your forces spotted him. Nice one Dubya.

I hope you're enjoying your war, Mr Bush. I can't say I am.


Andy Darley