Fun all round

I appear to have spent the evening somewhere trendy. This is highly out of character, and I'm not at all sure I approve of myself for it. Nevertheless, ta very much to the fine folks at Sticky Content and to Justin – it was fun.

There was obviously a lot of fun going on at the police station in Chiswick today, too. I could tell this when I phoned them for the third day running inquiring whether they'd yet visited an address where I'd been told some items stolen from me might have been spotted. In fact, I think it's fair to say they were having a laugh.

At one point, as I explained the situation, I was sure I heard my surname being shouted in the background in confused tones. This was a little alarming, so I asked whether that was what I'd heard. “No,” came the reply. “They're having a quiz as a team-building exercise and someone asked 'who was the leader of the Daleks?'”

Well, obviously it was Davros, so I said so, and spelled it for him. So he shouted across the room “the caller says it's Davros”. A roar of laughter came back down the phone.

It is, of course, a pleasure to have an opportunity to help the police with their enquiries.

I wish they'd help with mine.