Heavy viral action

We're getting bombarded by emails that MailWasher is flagging as probable viruses. Most of them come from Birkbeck College, where studied for a while. Guess their IT department is having a torrid time right now…

Good weekend – Saturday was spent with the pair of us sat in our office / study / spare bedroom thing coding from about 10am to midnight – we barely noticed the time going. We're having a blitz on getting one of our planned websites built, a walking one. Good fun and very companiable. Made me miss the Royal Mail a bit though – didn't seem right being deep in HTML while not being surrounded by the rest of the gang.

Then Sunday saw us head out in search of photos for the new site, until sleet and fading light forced us into the arms of a Co-Op supermarket – chocolate mini-rolls, toffee popcorn and strange processed cheese products. Mmmmmmmm!