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Sunday, March 5th, 2006

This post by SusanG on the Daily Kos about the South Dakota abortion ban is very, very angry and very, very brilliant. Read.

In South Dakota, I Am Disposable

Imagine this: One day you wake up and discover an entire state has passed a law that declares you are worthless.

You are no longer a person. You are a package – a package for a potential person. Picture the styrofoam Big Mac carton tumbling along the shoulder of the interstate. Remember the discarded, dented Budweiser can you kicked aside at the campground to pitch a tent. Recall the time you scraped a month-old Popsicle wrapper from the side of your garbage can. That's you.

The full thing's well worth a look.

Edit – From JM: sexist asshatGoogleGooglebomb.

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