Hot stuff, baby

It's 3.30am – pushing 4am – and my sleep patterns are screwed backwards and sideways by the shifts. No work this evening, but my body doesn't realise that. I'm wide awake.

Also, it's pretty damn hot. They say ladies glow, gentlemen perspire and horses sweat. There's only one thing I can say to that:

Neigh. Pass the oats.

Got my entry for the travel writing competition away earlier. I thought about posting it here, with photos, but I'm not sure people want 2,000 words on Iceland and childhood penfriends.

Do say if I'm wrong.

Apart from that, I'm planning on having a go at writing some tech columns, see if I can syndicate them to local / regional newspapers across the country. I'll be looking at that idea over the next week, to see if it has legs. The idea would be to explain stuff in the news – virus alerts, browser wars, source code leaks – in simple and accessible language while still remaining accurate.

I want them to be something that non-techy folks can turn to when they see a story on the news, like the recent Google attack, which they simply don't understand the details of, or why it's important.

Any suggestions from the non technically-minded about good subjects to cover would be very gratefully received. I want to write five, of maybe 250 words each, as samples.