Howling gales and howls of laughter (hopefully)

More from down here in western Cornwall, where the weather has swung schizophrenically between dire and delightful, and where I am making great progress in planning my Channel 5 sitcom entry.

Still almost a week left down here!

Day four

You can't see it but...
You can't see it but…
The sound of a tractor engine could clearly be heard from this fog-bound field

Out of the gloaming
Out of the gloaming
You could hear vehicles long before you could see them

Bloggers in the mist
Bloggers in the mist
We parked here for almost an hour to take advantage of internet reception on the laptop – the last entry was posted here

This bear's life
This bear's life
Canterbury bear, back by popular demand, and it doesn't get much better then this

Day five

St Ives Harbour
St Ives Harbour
The tide's about as low as it ever gets here – you can walk round the back of the harbour wall and keep your feet dry

Tregenna Hill and rooftops
Tregenna Hill and rooftops
We're running out of new St Ives photos to take, we've visited so often. The shop on the left is a good sci fi, old movie and collectibles emporium

Sunset and seagulls
Sunset and seagulls
St Ives' evil bastard seagulls take to the skies and wheel above the rooftops at the end of the day

January at the beach
January at the beach
Even in mid-winter, us Brits are determined to get our seaside holiday

Day six

The sea breaks on rocks
Ironbound coast
On the coast path between Cape Cornwall and Land's End

Coastal defences
None shall pass
Whitesands Bay is a prime stretch of firm sand that needed defending against invasion – although it would have been a pretty stupid army that stranded itself at the very tip of Cornwall

Chapel Carn Brea
Familiar sight
Chapel Carn Brea from fields near the coast – we saw the sun set from this hill a few days ago, and it dominates the whole of west Penwith

Mill ruin window
Through the square window
There are the ruins of what was probably a mill in the valley near where we are staying. I wonder whose view this used to be?

Day seven

Mousehole in the rain
Mousehole in the rain
A rainstorm hit just as we parked at Mousehole's harbour – and ended just as we left

Coin-operated telescope
Point of view
Telescopes like this used to be everywhere when I went on holidays as a kid – now you rarely see them, and never usually in working order

Lamorna harbour walls
Lamorna mon amour
Dark, damp, ancient stone makes the Lamorna harbour wall a suitably grim barrier for a grim, rocky cove

Rope tied to a ring-bolt
Here be sea-serpents
A short stretch of black-tarred rope tied to a ring-bolt on the high water line made for an irresistable image