I'm going to write to my MP

Washingtonienne, the Capitol Hill aide who lost her job when her blog detailing her sex life was discovered, writes this in the Online Guardian, confirming what we always suspected about politicians' offices.

I had the easiest job in the world before I got sacked.

I opened mail all day (which is why you should never bother to write your representatives in government: somebody like me reads your letters). And then I either threw the letters in the garbage or I would make fun of them with co-workers. In retrospect, that job was perfect for me.

But letter-writing is a huge waste of time, energy and tax dollars, on everybody's part. I realise that I played my part in this waste, so I would like to take this opportunity to put an end to it by telling you to please stop writing letters to politicians. It makes absolutely no difference to anybody.

Also, stop calling their offices. It's so annoying.