Lovely, lovely country…

I missed Celebrity Big Brother last night, so I didn't know who'd been evicted until I saw a newspaper on the train. And guess what – once again the white guy stayed and the black guy was booted out. Goldie (entertaining streetwise DJ with youth appeal) has gone and Les Dennis (washed-up hasbeen comedian) stayed. It happens again and again – as soon as the voting public get a choice between white and non-white, they choose white.

I'm pretty sure there was one occasion in BB1 when it didn't happen – Darren survived a four-way vote when Tom was evicted – but Mel, Narinder, Amma, Alison, Adele, the boxer Chris Eubank in the first Celebrity Big Brother, and now Goldie. Not very subtle, is it? Oh, and guess who were first out of I'm a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here? Uri Gellar (white, but with a funny foreign accent) and Nigel Benn, another black boxer.

Yeah, I know I can get boring on this subject. Yeah, I know I reveal a disturbing level of knowledge of crap reality TV. But it's things like this that mean I find it very difficult to dismiss the BNP's Blackburn victory as an unrepresentative one-off.

What sort of country are we?