Random linkage and the blood of Jesus

You know how it is – you visit a site, and the site has a good set of links off it, so you visit some of them, and they have good links too, and before you know where you are you've got eight windows open and a whole lot of links you want to remember.

All these came from just following one link from the Rabid Librarian (who, incidentally, is well worth a visit).

The Rabid Librarian

Just another person on the rollercoaster of life, she says

Going Underground

The fun London Underground guide…

Going Underground's Blog

…and the blog that goes with it

The new Tube

Spoof page about the Tube after PPP – business class, with carpets and hostess trolley

Is this you?

Lost passport booth photos. Is one yours?

I saw you today

Messages for people you didn't quite meet

Chav of the month

From Chavscum, a gallery of the very worst

Worst chav ever

From the same gallery, the archetypal chav (in case you've never heard the term before)


A small easy thing that will make spammers' lives slightly harder

Disturbing Search Requests

How people found your site.

Finally, is it just me or does anyone else find this bumper sticker I saw today disturbing?

I am covered by the blood of Jesus