Things have been rather quiet in this journal, and that's been in inverse proportion to life (isn't that always the way of things?). I have now finished at the Royal Mail, at least for the time being, and am starting a couple of months spent working from home on projects that I haven't previously had time to properly concentrate on because of this thing called work.

In order of priority they include:

  • Get my tax return in (eek!)
  • Finish the rebuilding of my website (started this in July…)
  • Finish screenplay and try to sell it
  • Make the St Ives Plan (alluded to previously, every time we visit there in fact) work
  • Learn PHP and MySQL, partly for self and partly in order to keep skills current
  • Execute a particularly nifty design idea I had that might sell on CafePress or suchlike

That lot should keep me busy until long after the money runs out…

In the mean time, we're off to Norfolk for a few days to stay in one of these and visit a classy restaurant.

Thus, more silence on this front. So here's a test card to look at…

BBC test card