That ole '10 friends meme' again.

I do like this old, near-forgotten, meme because it gives such a good slice of random life. As ever, it's a case of combining the first sentence from the first 10 non-locked friends list posts.

Well BB have officially said that there will be NO eviction tonight, the housemates are slowly working through their problems. Whorebloodkin has turned up today third day in a row but only because she asked him on Wednesday for a grand! I'm sitting at college in the Mac suite waiting for the examiner to check over my work… eeeeeeeeeeeeek! One of the websites I frequent is not loading for me since yesterday. House becoming orange… People that refer to themselves in the third person, even in jest, annoy the crap out of me. I'm gonna be Hermione for halloween! Last night about 11.30pm I heard a noise outside the window so decided to be nosy. Looks like the guy who won the copy of World War II – European Theater of Operations, a classic strategic level board wargame, is a US Navy Lieutenant Commander. Enjoy!