The full Monty <— Gardeners' World reference

For those who are interested, or who remember last year's battle with the allotment, photos of this year's veg patch on the balcony are here. They were taken for friends – one of them a keen gardener – who have moved too far away for visiting to be easy any more, but I thought I'd link to them here for the hell of it. Live dangerously and all that.

We're growing two varieties of tomato, three types of potato (in growbags propped up against the wall), cucumbers, onions, spring onions, chard, sweetcorn, cos lettuce, and runner beans. This is alongside the bedding plants, the sweet peas, the tub of alpine plants that makes up a small rockery, the three climbing plants (rose, honeysuckle and plumbago) and the embreonic lavender hedge.

And all this on a balcony about the size of the monitor you're viewing this page on.

One day we'll have a garden… and then you'll really see something.