Twitter Updates for 2009-05-20

  • Hair cut and eye test today. Preferable to eye cut and hair test, I suppose. #
  • – Early morning head-clearing Tai Chi. #
  • Mmmm – pancakes! #
  • Haircut: emphatic. Eye test: passed. Good stuff all round. #
  • And AGAIN I am moved to state, clearly and unambiguously, that Internet Explorer 6 is a syphillitic whoreson canker on the arse of the web. #
  • LINE-HEIGHT! The bastard sodding LINE-HEIGHT was borking it in IE6. Inherited, and screwing with an image replacement r/over of all things. #
  • RT @Astrofiammante – Unashamedly romantic location… #
  • Rolling the dice on the practicality of going to Cambridge tomorrow… #